difficult students

5 Tips for Reaching Difficult Students

Difficult students are not bad kids – they simply want to be heard and often seek attention the only way they know how. Though children who are considered to be […]


6 Ways to Combat Absenteeism

The school year began only weeks ago, but absenteeism is already an issue and some students in your class are at risk of failure simply because they will miss too […]

trauma-informed teaching

Changing Your Classroom with Trauma-Informed Teaching

Though it can difficult to know what happens to your students once they leave your care, trauma-informed teaching can transform your school into a more successful learning environment. To create a […]

apps for teachers

Keep Your Classroom Running Smoothly with Apps for Teachers

Check out these for apps for teachers to monitor your students’ performance, communicate with parents, and much more! The start of a new school year is a great time to […]


Cache ’em All: Geocaching with Your STEM Students

Sure, Pokémon Go is popular, but geocaching has long been a hobby for tech-savvy explorers that can be used in your classroom. The year was 2000 and Jeremy Irish launched geocaching.com. […]

open house

5 Tips for Having an Outstanding Open House

Open houses tend to be informative, but are often dry and a bit monotonous. Engage parents by shaking up this year’s open house! For both parents and teachers, open house […]

resources for homeschooling networks

13 Great STEM Resources for Homeschooling Networks

There are some fantastic free resources for homeschooling networks available online – if you know where to look. Well, you can start right here at STEMjobs.com for lots of ideas […]

social media

3 Ways to Use Social Media as a Learning Tool

Teachers can make students’ obsession with social media work as a tool in the classroom. Most teachers spend a lot of time prohibiting students from using social media in class […]

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