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10 Ways to answer the question all students ask: When will I ever need this?

STEM in class

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk in depth with several friends who have taught for years, and now are administrators at the building and district level. All of them highlighted the role that technology is playing and the immense impact it will have on teaching both today and in the near future. Of particular focus was describing the key activities that are driving success for teachers in gaining and improving student engagement. Let’s face it, there are a tremendous and growing number of distractions competing for student hearts and minds in and out of the classroom. Our mission at STEM Jobs is to help teachers win this battle with great content that is classroom ready. In fact, one great way to get off on the right foot is to subscribe to our digital edition at:

In the mean time, here’s a few practical suggestions for engaging your students in STEM subjects and answering that all too frequent question, “when will I ever need this?”

You'll get a job
You can change the world
It really is cool
You can Do what you love
Travel the world
Go ahead and fail
Give me your best guess
This is actually an Art class

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