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3 Free Teacher Fundraising Sites

There are more online options than ever before to help teacher fundraising initiatives.

It’s a fact that many teachers open their own wallets when a special project or supplies fall beyond a school’s budget. A number of crowdfunding platforms are trying to remove these financial hurdles from the classroom. Check out some of the most popular to see if they can help your classroom afford necessary resources without draining your personal bank account.


What is it?
Adopt-A-Classroom is a nonprofit that targets the gap between student necessities and school budget by pairing donors with classrooms in need of extra supplies or project materials.
How to sign up
Educators can register their classrooms here. Signing up for an account is free and all donations are available for use by the registered teacher.
How funds are received
Teacher fundraising takes the form of an online credit for supplies that can be used at 40 accepted vendors.
How to make the most of your campaign
With Adopt-A-Classroom, donors choose classrooms to fund based on a number of factors, such as a passion for a specific subject, or a connection to a school or teacher. Donors can also search by a filter of classrooms that are in greatest need of funding. Ensure that parents and other interested parties are aware of your campaign. If you keep a blog, write a post about your funding goals or share them through social media. Making a brief video for donors to view on your profile can also help your page stand out.


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What is it?
ClassWish makes it possible to donate to any K-12 school, day care center, community college, after-school program, or youth nonprofit in the United States. Their platform is very open, allowing teacher fundraising for just about every application you can think of — arts, robotics, playground equipment, even supplies for the school nurse’s office.
How to sign up
Teachers (as well as PTA/PTO leaders and other qualified administrators) can search their school and create a wish list that becomes publicly visible on the site. There are no fees.
How funds are received
Funds are distributed through ClassWish. When donations are made, educators can submit a request for supplies which is then processed and reviewed. ClassWish purchases the requested items and sends them directly to the school.
How to make the most of your campaign
ClassWish offers some tips for standing out and attracting more donations on their website. One method is to ask local businesses to make a donation; in return, they’re given a decal to place in their store window to show their involvement in the community. ClassWish also generates flyers and email templates for teachers to use for promoting their wish lists.

Fund My Classroom

What is it?
Fund My Classroom allows donors to aid teacher fundraising by giving towards projects and field trips. It also offers teachers the ability to create a wish list for equipment.
How to sign up
Educators can sign up for an account here. Like the other sites featured in this article, Fund My Classroom is also free to use.
How funds are received
Teachers sign up to receive items that they need for the classroom and parents are able to purchase them. Fund My Classroom then sends the supplies directly to the school. For field trips and projects, Fund My Classroom uses a Kickstarter-inspired approach, allowing teachers to set a monetary goal with a limited time frame. If the goal isn’t met by the end of the campaign, teachers are encouraged to try again with a lower target or longer amount of time.
How to make the most of your campaign
Educators can add videos, photos, and incentives to their campaigns to help encourage donations. Fund My Classroom has a resource center with email templates, flyers, and postcards that educators can use to help promote their campaigns.

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