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How to Use Virtual Field Trips

Expand upon STEM lessons and take students beyond the classroom with virtual field trips. Taking a field trip has always been one of the most enjoyable aspects of school for […]

Developing 21st Century Skills: Global Awareness

Global awareness is understanding diversity, learning about other cultures, and recognizing our place in the world—and is a key 21st century skill. The internet has served to expand your students’ […]

5 Hydroponics Activities for Your Classroom

Grow a new generation of agricultural professionals and problem solvers by conducting hydroponics activities in your classroom! Whether using alternatives for plant production to address changes to the Earth and […]

Keeping STEM Education Center in Your STEM School

How can teachers ensure the idea of a STEM school is meaningful and beneficial to students rather than passing as yet another educational trend? A surge in STEM popularity has […]

Prepare Students for Careers Through Teacher Externships

Use teacher externships as an opportunity to provide students with insight into possible career paths while forging relationships within your community. Within the classroom teachers can use many tactics, from […]

5 Ways Teachers Can Connect Classrooms to Careers

Teachers should prioritize ways to connect classrooms to careers to engage and motivate students by showing them when they will actually use the concepts they’re learning. Seeing students’ eyes light […]

Opening Education with Amazon Inspire

Expanding its reach with Amazon Inspire, the tech giant is making proven teaching tools and resources shareable in a snap. During the first half of the year, Amazon has expanded […]

5 More Activities for National Engineers Week

Celebrate National Engineers Week in your classroom with these daily activities to engage and inspire students through engineering. The National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) created National Engineers Week in […]

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