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Pi Day

Keeping it Real with Pi Day Activities

It’s almost time for pi! As Pi Day – or 3/14 – approaches, discover STEM Jobs-approved activities to engage students in celebrating 3.14. Always an exciting day for mathematics enthusiasts, March […]

makerspace skills

8 Ways to Build Mastery with Makerspace Skills Badges

Elevate learning to a higher level and boost engagement in project-based learning through awarding badges for mastery of makerspace skills. Though some students can excel through traditional pedagogy based on […]

Euler's Day

3 Ways to Celebrate Euler’s Day

What’s more fun than a math holiday? Celebrate Euler’s Day to bring some excitement and attention to often-over looked irrational numbers! Observing STEM holidays can make learning fun for students […]

integrated studies

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Integrated Studies

Integrated studies is one of those buzzy terms in education, but many teachers are confused about what it actually means and how it works. Using lessons in one subject to […]

Euler's Day

Promote Problem Solving with Challenge-Based Learning

The world is small, but its problems are big and students can take the lead to solve them through challenge-based learning in your classroom. Many new approaches to teaching have become more […]

service learning

5 Ways to Bring Service Learning to Your STEM Classroom

Address social and emotional learning standards while teaching STEM content in more engaging ways through service learning in your classroom. Whether we are intentional about it or not, students learn […]


Viewing Class Differently: 5 Reasons for Recording Lessons

Looking for a new way to reflect upon and improve your teaching? Learn more from your own classes by recording lessons! Receiving feedback from administrators, parents, and peers is extremely […]

higher education

The Evolving Role of Higher Education

The role of higher education is changing as tuition costs remain high and more diverse employment and training options open up to students. After watching previous generations of college graduates […]

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