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4 Reasons to Teach Your Students How to Code

Children are our future. Technology is our future. Prepare tomorrow’s workforce by teaching your students how to code today. Coding, programming and web development are not only highly useful skills […]

scared of math

Why Kids are Scared of Math and Science Revisited

There are many factors that contribute to students being scared of math and science in school, but teachers and parents shouldn’t allow them to shy away and avoid the subjects completely. What’s […]

STEM Internships

What Apps Can You Use to Teach STEM in Your Classroom?

STEM employers look at more than just the degree in computer and science. They also are looking at people with the right skill sets. Employers are looking for creative types […]

Best Online Engineering Resources for Kids

I applaud kids who strive on wanting to figure out the complexity of engineering and problem solving.Engineering is a tough subject that most students shy away from, however we need […]

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