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5 Self-Motivation Tips for Teachers

In September, you’re excited to get the school year started and your motivation is at an all-time high. By March, however, you’re counting the days until summer break. It’s hard […]

video essays

A Beginner’s Guide to Video Essays

Do your students audibly groan when assigned an essay? Video essays are an intriguing alternative to traditional papers for teachers to incorporate into their curriculum. This new medium is taking over YouTube, […]

snow day

5 Ways to Rethink Snow Days

Whether your district experiences snow days or other weather-related closures like hurricane days, learning doesn’t have to stop just because the school is closed. Although students and teachers alike may […]


5 Ways to Declutter for the New Year

Already botched your resolution for the new year? Take a pledge to declutter in some powerful, non-traditional ways. No matter how much you clean up before summer break each year, your […]

holiday classroom activities

Don’t Show Movies – Try These Non-Holiday Classroom Activities!

There are many holiday classroom activities that are both fun and educational — and won’t have your pupils telling their parents they watched films all day long. December can be […]

fundraising ideas

7 Fundraising Ideas for Your School

Affording the basic necessities for a classroom can be difficult, so try these fundraising ideas to support things like field trips, supplemental resources, and family events. Many teachers and schools […]

geology activities

5 Geology Activities for Your Classroom

Geology is an earth science, but that doesn’t mean it only belongs in science class! Try these geology activities to introduce your students to this awesome subject. From gemology to volcanology, […]

teacher Twitter accounts

7 Teacher Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following

Usually social media is thought of as an outlet for students, but there are plenty of teacher Twitter accounts that offer brilliant ideas and insights for the classroom. Being a teacher […]

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