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first day of school activities

5 First Day of School Activities for Your Classroom

It’s August, which has every teacher asking: What are some great first day of school activities that will kick start a year of learning for my students? It may be […]

new school year

5 Ways to Prepare for the New School Year

It feels like it just began, but summer is already coming to a close. With the new school year fast approaching, it’s time to start preparing. There are plenty of […]

summer break

7 Ways to Make the Most of Summer Break

After another hectic, challenging, and hopefully productive school year, summer break has arrived! Not sure how to keep it from slipping through your fingers? We can help. As much as […]

summer break

7 Hot Summer Jobs for Teachers

While students are celebrating the start of a lazy and fun-filled summer break, most educators don’t have that luxury. In fact, many are looking for summer jobs for teachers. Given […]

spring STEM activities

5 Spring STEM Activities for Your Classroom

Spring is here (at least according to the calendar), which means there are opportunities for authentic learning experiences with spring STEM activities. March 20 marked the spring equinox, or the official start […]

mental wellness books

9 Mental Wellness Books for Your Classroom Library

In light of recent headline-making events, it may be time to add mental wellness books to the STEM books in your school and classroom library. Students are constantly hearing about tragedies happening in […]


5 Self-Motivation Tips for Teachers

In September, you’re excited to get the school year started and your motivation is at an all-time high. By March, however, you’re counting the days until summer break. It’s hard […]

sports principles

A Beginner’s Guide to Video Essays

Do your students audibly groan when assigned an essay? Video essays are an intriguing alternative to traditional papers for teachers to incorporate into their curriculum. This new medium is taking over YouTube, […]

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