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education trends

7 Education Trends to Watch for in 2018

Technology continues to stand out among education trends for 2018. But it is not the only change to keep an eye on in the new year. As you plan for school […]

multiple intelligences

The Implications of Multiple Intelligences in Your Classroom

Students show their intelligence in different ways, and recognizing multiple intelligences helps teachers to know how to present information to allow students to process it. Scott Seider tells of his […]

opioid crisis

The Opioid Crisis: Helping Our Students Cope

Trying to do school work in a home where the electric has been shut off, there is nothing to eat, and the parents are in the bathroom getting high takes […]

computer science education

Breaking Down Trump’s Computer Science Education Initiative

Computer science education will get financial support from the Department of Education in grant funding through an initiative announced by President Trump. Trump released a memorandum in which he directs […]

repurpose a chalkboard

5 Ways to Repurpose a Chalkboard

Still have that big, old slate surface at your back? Repurpose a chalkboard and improve your classroom, increase storage, and boost engagement! Lots of classrooms still have blackboards, greenboards, or […]

help students deal with a loss

5 Ways to Help Students Deal with a Loss

“What should I say or do?” is the first concern you may have when called upon to help students deal with a loss. Being prepared can help you help your […]


Is Literacy a Barrier to Your Subject?

Reading is the key to understanding many subjects, but literacy could be a barrier for your students’ learning in STEM classes. Most schools focus on having students learn to read […]

Are You Teaching the Skills Students Will Need?

Often the most successful employees are those who have learned behavior and values from teachers who know the skills students will need to be successful in life. Teachers have incorporated […]

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