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computer science courses

The Benefits and Challenges of Computer Science Courses

Computer science courses are more popular than ever in high schools — some even require the successful completion of the class to graduate. Computer science courses were once thought of […]

student portfolios

Out-of-the-Box Assessment with Student Portfolios

Make assessment meaningful to your students with the use of student portfolios instead of relying only on summative grades in your classroom. What comes to mind when you hear about […]

release of responsibility

4 Steps to Achieve Gradual Release of Responsibility

Teachers often do all the work for their students, leaving them with dependent learners. The release of responsibility to your students will let them take ownership of their work. Developing […]


Using Inclusion to Meet the Needs of All

Effectively blend students with different needs and abilities while promoting empathy in your classroom through inclusion. Inclusion has some incredible benefits for all students, but can present a challenge for […]

black STEM pioneers

8 Black STEM Pioneers for Black History Month

Students won’t pursue jobs in which they can’t see themselves. Share these incredible black STEM pioneers with your students this Black History Month. More and more stories are coming to […]

classroom technology

New Classroom Technology for the New Year

Many teachers are wary of trying new classroom technology, but there are some options available that can make formative assessment more meaningful and accessible. It is rare to go an […]

gender gap

Simple Ways to Close the Gender Gap in Education

There are lots of stereotypes about the ways boys and girls learn, and this perceived gender gap can have major implications for education. The once prevalent belief that boys are […]

Betsy DeVos

What Betsy DeVos Could Mean for Education

Public or private education may become a choice open to all students if Betsy DeVos, the nominee for U.S. Secretary of Education, receives Senate confirmation. Although she has yet to […]

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