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10 STEM Books to Use in the K-5 Classroom

Expand younger students’ STEM world by incorporating NSTA’s best STEM books for students in grades kindergarten through five into your classroom this school year. This year’s NSTA (National Science Teachers […]

connect classrooms to careers

5 Ways Teachers Can Connect Classrooms to Careers

Teachers should prioritize ways to connect classrooms to careers to engage and motivate students by showing them when they will actually use the concepts they’re learning. Seeing students’ eyes light […]

broadcasting projects

5 Fun Broadcasting Projects for Any Classroom

Incorporate broadcasting projects into your curriculum to help engage students while deepening their STEM knowledge and understanding. There is a lot more to the television and radio industries than students […]

5 Ways to Respectfully Address Political Issues in the Classroom

Addressing political issues in the classroom can be stressful, but it can also be productive if done through encouraging intelligent discourse and impartial discussion. Tackling political issues in the classroom […]

films that teach STEM concepts

5 Films that Teach STEM Concepts

Make movie day more frequent, engaging, and truly educational by showing these films that teach STEM concepts to your students. Using movies to support lesson plans can help teachers relay […]

Architecture Activities to Help You Address NGSS Engineering Standards

Teaching the engineering section in the Next Generation Science Standards has posed a challenge for many science teachers. Architecture activities can help connect them to other science concepts. To expand upon […]

5 Activities to Use Project-Based Learning in Computer Science

Integrate project-based learning in computer science today to engage, excite, and prepare students in your classroom for success tomorrow. From simply using smart-phone applications and devices throughout the home, to […]

teach STEM through music

4 Activities to Teach STEM Through Music

There are few things that pique students’ interest and passion like music. Create harmony in your classroom and teach STEM through music! Connecting STEM and the arts is an increasingly popular […]

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