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chemistry activities

5 Easy and Affordable Dollar Store Chemistry Activities

Chemistry experiments don’t have to be expensive and complex! Show a simpler side of experimentation with cheap and effective chemistry activities. Maintaining student interest can be a challenge, especially for […]

careers in computer science

Preparing Students for Careers in Computer Science

As the skills gap continues to grow, now is the time to prepare students for careers in computer science through early education. Students in the United States are being left behind […]

Project-Based Learning in Your Chemistry Classroom

Improve student reactions to and engagement in STEM by incorporating project-based learning during chemistry lessons in your classroom. Keeping STEM lessons fresh and exciting can be a daunting task. While […]

higher-order thinking skills

4 Ways to Develop Higher-Order Thinking Skills

Cultivating higher-order thinking skills can be difficult while you’re managing behavior, communicating with parents, and covering standards. We can help. Teaching children requires arming them with academic knowledge, yet also […]


Is Literacy a Barrier to Your Subject?

Reading is the key to understanding many subjects, but literacy could be a barrier for your students’ learning in STEM classes. Most schools focus on having students learn to read […]

Never Create Another Bulletin Board!

Tired of spending your summers and weekends crafting? Never make a bulletin board again. Instead, decorate your classroom with smart STEM resources. From buying supplies to creating Pinterest-worthy bulletin boards, decorating […]

project-based learning in ecology

Using Project-Based Learning in Ecology

Get students excited about learning by bringing an environmental twist to biology lessons through project-based learning in ecology. Within the study of ecology, students examine the connections between the environment, […]

skeptical readers

4 Ways Teachers Can Create Skeptical Readers

Train students as skeptical readers in the classroom and watch as they grow into informed citizens who think critically about the world around them. Even adults have a difficult time […]

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