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school shootings

How to Prevent and Deal with the Fear of School Shootings

School shootings can be an overwhelming topic for teachers, so we compiled advice to help prevent gun violence and maintain your sanity in troubling times. Columbine. Virginia Tech. Sandy Hook. It […]

mean girl mentality

4 Ways Teachers Can End the Mean Girl Mentality

While Regina George may be forever frozen in 2004, the mean girl mentality is still very real and present in many schools today. The classic cult film “Mean Girls” follows […]

teaching perfectionists

5 Strategies for Teaching Perfectionists

Emphasize the importance of progress, not perfection, in your classroom — especially when teaching perfectionists. Whether cultivated through high parent expectations, a self-esteem problem, or intrinsic motivation, some students struggle […]

restorative justice

Behind the Restorative Justice Trend

Restorative justice refocuses the conversation surrounding crime and punishment by involving both the victim and perpetrator to reach a solution. Introducing this method of justice to your school can be daunting, […]

gender gap

Simple Ways to Close the Gender Gap in Education

There are lots of stereotypes about the ways boys and girls learn, and this perceived gender gap can have major implications for education. The once prevalent belief that boys are […]

fake news

4 Ways to Help Students Recognize and Avoid Fake News

Help students distinguish between fake news and the real thing through actionable tips and modeling common-sense practices. Over the last 20 years, the methods through which students source news and […]

word gap

Understanding and Overcoming the Word Gap

Though many solutions focus on early education, there are ways teachers can help older students overcome the word gap. There is a noticeable difference between the learning tools available to […]

5 Steps for Effective Home Visits

No longer reserved for home-schooled or troubled students, home visits are a great way to bridge the gap between parents and educators. Increasingly, the role of parent engagement in a […]

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