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Is There a Place for Character Education in Our Schools?

As an educator, you have an inherent impact on your students’ academic and personal development. But should teachers provide character education in addition to content knowledge? While many people think of […]

student absences

4 Ways to Deal with Extended Student Absences

Whether due to prolonged illness or a family vacation, extended student absences are difficult for both teachers and students to manage. Unfortunately, absences, both student and teacher, are part of […]

Are You Teaching the Skills Students Will Need?

Often the most successful employees are those who have learned behavior and values from teachers who know the skills students will need to be successful in life. Teachers have incorporated […]

3 Ways to Close the Trust Gap in Schools

Minority students who feel they are treated unfairly by school staff are less likely to attend college – even if they get good grades. What causes this trust gap and how can […]

charter schools

The Debate About Charter Schools

Charter schools are privately operated, funded by taxpayers, focused on a particular theme with a unique curriculum that provide an alternative to public or private school education. Minnesota passed the […]

dislike a student

6 Things to Do When You Just Dislike a Student

Teachers shouldn’t play favorites, but there are times when personalities clash within your classroom and you simply dislike a student. Unfortunately, the kids who are hardest to love are likely the ones […]

teacher discounts

10 Best Places to Get Teacher Discounts

Teaching is a challenging and important profession that shapes future generations. That’s why many stores offer amazing teacher discounts. Many educators may not even realize that stores they frequent offer […]

listening skills

5 Ways to Cultivate Listening Skills in Students

Too often we listen to respond instead of listening to understand. Teach your students listening skills to help them both in school and in life. By teaching listening skills to […]

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