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job crafting

Find a Renewed Interest in Teaching by Job Crafting

Teachers often feel overwhelmed, overworked, and underappreciated. Resist burnout and find renewed joy in teaching through job crafting. The new school year has only just begun, offering a fresh opportunity […]

impostor syndrome

5 Ways to Overcome Impostor Syndrome

If you ever feel like a fraud or phony masquerading as an effective teacher, just waiting for someone to expose your inadequacies, you might be suffering from impostor syndrome. The […]

long-term goals

Reaching Long-Term Goals With Students (and Their Parents)

Help your students and their parents set, manage, and meet long-term goals within and beyond the walls of your classroom. Providing quality education to students is a collaborative effort between […]

STEM event

5 Tips for Planning a Successful STEM Event

Break out of the standard science-fair model and plan an impressive STEM event to get parents and your community involved in the amazing things happening in your school. Hosting a […]

student participation

5 Ways to Increase Student Participation Among Quiet Kids

Make student participation more inclusive for your shy and anxious students by making them comfortable with classroom discussion. Students in most classrooms can be divided into three groups: those who […]

abuse and neglect

Ways to Recognize Abuse and Neglect

Teachers get to know a lot about their students, but how do they recognize signs of abuse and neglect among their students and get them the help they need? Abused […]

student participation

5 Ways to Support Non-Traditional Families

Students want to fit in, and teachers can help students from every background and circumstance feel just like everyone else with a plan to support non-traditional families. Supporting non-traditional families […]

teachers should have business cards

5 Reasons Teachers Should Have Business Cards

Teaching is very different than working for a large corporation, yet there are many reasons teachers should have business cards—just like professionals in other fields. You or someone you know […]

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