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Architecture Activities to Help You Address NGSS Engineering Standards

Teaching the engineering section in the Next Generation Science Standards has posed a challenge for many science teachers. Architecture activities can help connect them to other science concepts. To expand upon […]

help students deal with a loss

5 Ways to Help Students Deal with a Loss

“What should I say or do?” is the first concern you may have when called upon to help students deal with a loss. Being prepared can help you help your […]

Can a School Without Grades Really Work?

Some schools are opting to remove grades altogether and focus instead on a mastery approach, but can a school without grades actually work? Instead of awarding number or letter grades […]

5 Ways to Build a Strong Student Voice

Some lessons can’t be taught according to the curriculum. Build strong leaders in class by cultivating student voice, even among your shy students. The school days of a student’s formative […]

4 Ways to Help Students Deal with Divorce

Teachers are not certified counselors, but there are still plenty of ways they can help students deal with divorce at home. While it’s difficult to keep a strong relationship between […]

5 Activities to Use Project-Based Learning in Computer Science

Integrate project-based learning in computer science today to engage, excite, and prepare students in your classroom for success tomorrow. From simply using smart-phone applications and devices throughout the home, to […]

teach STEM through music

4 Activities to Teach STEM Through Music

There are few things that pique students’ interest and passion like music. Create harmony in your classroom and teach STEM through music! Connecting STEM and the arts is an increasingly popular […]

chemistry activities

5 Easy and Affordable Dollar Store Chemistry Activities

Chemistry experiments don’t have to be expensive and complex! Show a simpler side of experimentation with cheap and effective chemistry activities. Maintaining student interest can be a challenge, especially for […]

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