Climate Change Jeopardy

Created by:
Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences
School of Public Health
University of Washington
Climate Change Jeopardy Power Point

Contributed by: Dr. Vanessa Galaviz
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Jeopardy Instructions
1. Open powerpoint file called “climate change jeopardy” (if playing the game in a big classroom with a lot of students will be best to project the screen on a projector)

2. Click on first slide

3. To begin show, begin show as “slide show” from toolbar

4. Game board: click on a point under a topic

  • Will be taken to a slide with the answer; they must provide the question
  • After allotted time, click the down arrow key to show the question
  • Question will be shown

5. Returning to home/game board

  • IMPORTANT: Move cursor/pointer over the house icon in the lower right corner
  • You will be taken to the game board

6. After each question, the point value will turn black

7. Ending the game

  • At the end of game, EXIT PowerPoint
  • If you do not exit, the color changes on the questions will not return to default color (yellow)

Rules of the game
1. Gather at least 3 people to play at a time; teams may be formed if more people want to play

2. Each team should come up with a team name

3. Go over the following rules:

  • Each team/person gets 1 chance per questions; no exceptions
  • You, the game operator, will keep score
  • There is one Daily Double on the game board
  • The answers are given first, player must give the correct QUESTION
  • Each answer will be read a load by the game operator
  • Players may “buzz” in before finish reading the question
  • Players will have a MAXIMUM of 10 seconds to provide a question
  • The team/player with the correct answer will be given points
  • For incorrect answers, points will NOT be taken away
  • On the daily double, team who selected the question may wager up to 10 points, assuming they have points.

4. Your job as operator:

  • Read the questions
  • Click to the next question
  • Keep score
  • Act as judge in situations that may be questionable

5. The winner is the player/team with the most points once all questions on the board have been answered

6. When clicking on a question, make sure you click on the number directly. Failure to do so may result in the incorrect question appearing or the points value not changing to black

7. In the even of a tie, the game will be decided by a best 2-out-of-3 rock-paper-scissors match

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