Thankful for STEM

Fashioneering in Your Classroom

Photo Credit: National 4-H Council

Bringing Fashioneering into your classroom to engage students in STEM learning: An interview with 4-H Youth Development leader and University of Nebraska Associate Professor of Science and Technology, Bradley Barker.

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"There is very little that we can do that has a greater, practical impact on a person's life than to assist them in discovering their vocation .... their higher purpose." Daniel's pursuit of his own calling to bridge education and employment began more than a decade ago working with new medical students on the Haiti-Dominican border, and has stretched through his experiences in combat operations in Iraq to serving as a Presidential appointee at the US Department of Labor, and in his entrepreneurial leadership in the launch of vocational programs in healthcare, energy, and advanced manufacturing. An accomplished speaker, writer and business leader, Daniel's passion for individual transformation has led to the creation and launch of STEM Jobs.

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