5 Ways to Celebrate Kid Inventors Day

kid inventors day

Kid Inventors Day is held on January 17th to commemorate and encourage creativity in kids. Celebrate in your classroom this year with these activities. Kid Inventors Day falls on Benjamin Franklin’s […]

5 Energy Activities for Your STEM Classroom

energy activities

Energy is important to all of us. Ignite curiosity and passion in your students with these energy activities perfect for any STEM classroom. As scientists continue to research the effects […]

The Connection Between Movement and Learning

movement and learning

Movement and learning go hand in hand. Get the wiggles out and help students learn better by incorporating movement into your lesson plans. Sitting still in a classroom all day […]

Why Some Schools Are Rethinking Zero Tolerance Policies

zero tolerance policies

School safety is critical, but zero tolerance policies have been criticized for being ineffective and contributing to the school-to-prison pipeline. Zero tolerance policies in schools implement rules and strict consequences […]

Restructuring the School Schedule

school schedule

A change to the traditional school schedule is thought to be one answer to sleepy students, a slow comeback from summer vacation, and high education costs. The school day, week, or […]

The Growing Trend of Single-Gender Schools

Single-gender schools have always existed in private education settings, but many public school districts are creating single-gender buildings or classrooms to allow fewer distractions and teaching targeted specifically for girls […]

Understanding and Overcoming the Word Gap

word gap

Though many solutions focus on early education, there are ways teachers can help older students overcome the word gap. There is a noticeable difference between the learning tools available to […]

10 Teacher Resolutions for 2017

teacher resolutions

This year, make resolutions you’ll actually want to keep. Check out our top ten teacher resolutions, complete with resources to keep you accountable. It’s that time of year again! We […]

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