5 More Activities for National Engineers Week

National Engineers Week

Celebrate National Engineers Week in your classroom with these daily activities to engage and inspire students through engineering. The National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) created National Engineers Week in […]

Exploring the World Through Object-Based Learning

object-based learning

Promote greater student engagement and deeper understanding with object-based learning in your STEM classroom and beyond. Popular during class trips to museums, object-based learning is finding a place in lesson […]

How to Get Started with Educational Robotics

educational robotics

Start building enthusiasm in your classroom and school by using educational robotics methods to teach STEM concepts. The future of teaching STEM has arrived and it includes the use of […]

Behind the Restorative Justice Trend

restorative justice

Restorative justice refocuses the conversation surrounding crime and punishment by involving both the victim and perpetrator to reach a solution. Introducing this method of justice to your school can be daunting, […]

3 Ways to Celebrate International Darwin Day

Darwin Day

Celebrate Darwin Day in your STEM classroom this month through fun activities, events, and advocacy with your students. Before even taking their first biology class, it is safe to say […]

The Benefits and Challenges of Computer Science Courses

computer science courses

Computer science courses are more popular than ever in high schools — some even require the successful completion of the class to graduate. Computer science courses were once thought of […]

Out-of-the-Box Assessment with Student Portfolios

student portfolios

Make assessment meaningful to your students with the use of student portfolios instead of relying only on summative grades in your classroom. What comes to mind when you hear about […]

4 Steps to Achieve Gradual Release of Responsibility

release of responsibility

Teachers often do all the work for their students, leaving them with dependent learners. The release of responsibility to your students will let them take ownership of their work. Developing […]

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