Reverse Planning: Putting Outcomes First

reverse planning

Determining exactly what you wish to accomplish in a lesson, and then planning how to reach that goal is the strategy behind reverse planning. You may not realize it, but […]

Developing 21st Century Skills: Data Analysis

data analysis

Help students figure out their world to improve skills in data analysis for academic, personal, and professional success. As technology continues to overtake traditional methods of performing tasks, students who […]

The 7 Types of Teachers You Meet (Which One Are You?)

types of teachers

Whether you’ve taught for a long time or are new to the profession, the types of teachers you meet in the faculty lounge could be your material for open mike […]

5 Learning Activities for the End of the School Year

end of the school year

The end of the school year is in sight, which means students’ attention is waning and teachers are tempted to throw in a movie. Instead, learn through the last minute […]

5 Business Principles You Can Apply to Your Classroom

business principles

Schools are preparing students for the business world, so it makes sense to pull inspiration from business principles to approach education in a new way. While few of us would compare […]

10 Reasons to Thank Your Colleagues This Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week

It’s nice to be acknowledged by students and parents, but letting your colleagues know how much you value them is also important during Teacher Appreciation Week. Teacher Appreciation Week is […]

5 Sports Principles You Can Apply to Your Classroom

end of the school year

Students working together as part of the same team enhances the learning experience for everyone. Maybe it’s time to put some sports principles to use in the classroom. Just trying […]

Developing 21st Century Skills: Metacognition


Elevate students to a level of thinking beyond their current capabilities by developing metacognition through intentional methods in your classroom. Breaking out of the traditional teaching mold isn’t always easy. […]

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