5 Digital Tools for Your Classroom to Increase Efficiency

tools for your classroom

Get organized and spend less time on repetitive tasks by learning how to use these incredibly helpful automation tools for your classroom. The big push to promote STEM and keep […]

5 Ways to Integrate Systems Thinking into Your Classroom

systems thinking

Systems thinking sounds complicated, but has a simple definition: “A big-picture view of the whole.” This way of thinking belongs in your classroom. Virginia Anderson and Lauren Johnson, authors of […]

Developing 21st Century Skills: Information Literacy

information literacy

The 21st century skill of information literacy is one that students must master to be able to seek, access, and apply facts from all sources to guide them in learning […]

Developing 21st Century Skills: Global Awareness

global awareness

Global awareness is understanding diversity, learning about other cultures, and recognizing our place in the world—and is a key 21st century skill. The internet has served to expand your students’ […]

Developing 21st Century Skills: Problem Solving

problem solving

Problem solving isn’t just a skill we memorize. It is a way of thinking about and approaching problems to ensure we know what the problem is and can get to […]

Developing 21st Century Skills: Initiative

end of the school year

Show kids how to take charge of working toward their goals by building initiative, an important 21st century skill that all students need to be successful. Often overlooked as an […]

5 Spring STEM Activities for Your Classroom

spring STEM activities

Spring is here (at least according to the calendar), which means there are opportunities for authentic learning experiences with spring STEM activities. March 20 marked the spring equinox, or the official start […]

5 Optics Activities for Your STEM Classroom

optics activities

Use optics activities to help students see the light in STEM and begin connecting science concepts to the real world in meaningful ways. Though optics is a branch of physics […]

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