STEM Career Showcase for Students with Disabilities

The Lawrence Hall of Science, is inviting the public to participate in the STEM Career Showcase Event for Students with Disabilities on Wednesday, April 14 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00p.m.  The goal of this family event is to offer youth with various types of disabilities, the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the many professional possibilities in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and the inspiration and strategies to pursue them.  School-aged students and their families will have the chance to hear from different speakers, meet other students and families, and learn from hands-on science demonstrations that include various interactive stations,  3D printed chemistry, as well as animal discovery.


Unfortunately, despite recent advances in the accessibility of information technology and other tools used by working professionals, people with disabilities continue to be underrepresented in the STEM fields. As UC Berkeley Public Science Center, the Hall recognizes the need to provide a space for discussion on this subject. After participating at the inaugural event which took place at the North Carolina Museum of Nature and Science, the Hall is interested in spreading this event to the West coast with help from the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute. This institute leads a Rehabilitation Engineering Center that does education outreach.


The event will not only feature a great panel of speakers consisting of STEM students and professional, but will also provide opportunities for students and their families to explore and ask questions. Ronit Ovadia who works as a blind genetic counselor and will be presenting at the event,  will explain how she found out about genetic counseling in high school, and how after job shadowing a genetic counselor to learn more about the profession, she decided that she wanted to pursue this as a career. “This sounds like a great event and I love to be part of it.   I will talk about how I do my job as a blind person and a bit about my experience going through school to become a genetic counselor.” Ronit will be bringing models that she uses to explain chromosomes and translocations to her patients.
As we know, the great jobs of tomorrow will be in the fields of STEM; therefore, the need to share opportunities to improve outcomes for students with disabilities in these fields. This event at Hall will gather families and community advocates to spark a conversation around these topics and share the knowledge, skills, practices, and strategies to support learners with disabilities to pursue career options in the STEM fields.

The STEM Career Showcase for Students with Disabilities is free and open to the public. If you want to find out more about this educational event, please contact Sherry Hsi at or 510-643-7827, or Emily Arnold a or 510-643-9019Pre-registration is required.


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