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Why Kids are Scared of Math and Science Revisited

There are many factors that contribute to students being scared of math and science in school, but teachers and parents shouldn’t allow them to shy away and avoid the subjects completely. What’s […]

Math Games

5 Fun Math Games Your Students Will Love

Math games engage students, review skills, and make math fun again! Young children love to count, find shapes, and solve puzzles. As they get older, though, many students develop a […]

Tool Kit: Encourage Students to Pursue STEM Careers

Use instructional strategies in classroom to engage students in STEM learning and mirror how STEM is pursued by professionals. Guided discovery approaches to teaching mathematics – NCTM illuminations, Dan Meyer […]

STEM leader

What STEM Is and Why STEM Matters.

A hot topic creating a lot of buzz nowadays is STEM or science, technology, engineering and math.  These STEM disciplines no longer stand-alone as separate career fields, and in fact, […]

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