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scared of math

Why Kids are Scared of Math and Science Revisited

There are many factors that contribute to students being scared of math and science in school, but teachers and parents shouldn’t allow them to shy away and avoid the subjects completely. What’s […]

science technology - a woman with a prosthetic warming up

Is Science Technology Changing Prosthetics?

Could Science Technology revolutionize modern prosthetics? A company that makes affordable robotic hands using 3D printers just won the prestigious James Dyson Award. The prosthetic limbs respond to muscle flexing, Olly […]


Ballet Body Science

Ballet dancers have been gaining recognition as embodying strength once thought to occur only in the world’s strongest athletes. As the popularity of ballet grows, dancers such as Misty Copeland […]

Math Anxiety

STEM Today: World’s First Malaria Vaccine Gets a Green Light after Trials

A malaria vaccine that has been in development for decades is finally nearing release after positive feedback from clinical trials. The vaccine in question is commonly called Mosquirix and scientifically […]

math jobs - meteorology

STEM Today: Scientists “See” Thunder for the First Time

Have you ever wondered what thunder looks like? Thanks to a series of tests conducted last summer near Gainesville Florida, you can now take a look at the inside of […]

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