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science technology - a woman with a prosthetic warming up

Is Science Technology Changing Prosthetics?

Could Science Technology revolutionize modern prosthetics? A company that makes affordable robotic hands using 3D printers just won the prestigious James Dyson Award. The prosthetic limbs respond to muscle flexing, Olly […]

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STEM Today: Google Wants To Make Touchscreen Clothing

Google wants to make swiping on your phone or tablet easier. If it’s successful, users may one day be able to move their fingers in the air or tap their […]

STEM Internships

Is Our Growing Reliance On Technology in the Classroom Healthy?

From using online tutorials and YouTube videos to every student having a personal laptop, schools are increasing their use of technology. Nowadays, kids ages 8 to 18 spend an average of 44.5 […]


The STEM behind Food Science

Listen in as the STEM Jobs team continues our 4-H partnership series with a behind the scenes look at Food Science as an industry and career option with Professor B. […]


STEM App Spotlight: Wonders of Life

High school students exploring the building blocks of life will be mesmerized by the new app from Professor Brian Cox, Wonders of Life.   Designed for the high-quality display of […]

Tool Kit: Encourage Students to Pursue STEM Careers

Use instructional strategies in classroom to engage students in STEM learning and mirror how STEM is pursued by professionals. Guided discovery approaches to teaching mathematics – NCTM illuminations, Dan Meyer […]

STEM leader

What STEM Is and Why STEM Matters.

A hot topic creating a lot of buzz nowadays is STEM or science, technology, engineering and math.  These STEM disciplines no longer stand-alone as separate career fields, and in fact, […]

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