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The Perks of STEM Teacher Organizations

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Valuable support and resources straight to your inbox with teacher organizations

Teaching STEM can be tough, but why should you do it alone? Teacher organizations are a great way to find lesson ideas, resources, grants, leadership opportunities, and professional development. You can search online resource libraries during your planning period or peruse a journal while relaxing on your couch. Not only that, but attending annual conferences are a great way to reignite your passion for teaching by networking with other teachers in your field.

Check out some great teacher organizations that you can join today!

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Alexandra D. Owens

Alexandra Owens is a STEM Education consultant based in Charleston, SC. She taught middle school science for many years and is now completing her doctorate in STEM Education at Texas Tech University.

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  1. Virginia Jones says:

    ITTEA has also a Women in STEM Mentoring Taskforce and a journal for Children’s Technology and Engineering and the Standards for Technological Literacy, 3rd edition.

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