Tool Kit: Encourage Students to Pursue STEM Careers

Use instructional strategies in classroom to engage students in STEM learning and mirror how STEM is pursued by professionals.

  • Guided discovery approaches to teaching mathematics – NCTM illuminations, Dan Meyer
  • Inquiry approaches to teaching science
  • Design approaches to teaching engineering – MEAs, Legacy Cycle
  • “A time for telling”

Answer the question of “When am I ever going to use this?”

  • Research on utility value
  • Research on personalization
  • Eliciting and maintaining interest

Connect abstract STEM ideas to things that are concrete and readily-understandable

  • Research on grounding, progressive formalization
  • Interconnectedness of knowledge
  • Visuals
  • Gestures/kinesthetic learning/physical metaphors

Model positive and appropriate attitudes towards learning STEM and encourage parents to do the same.

  • Research on how teacher and parent attitudes impact student learning opportunities

Keep on top of new STEM learning technologies and excellent STEM curricula.

  • Mathematics: Connected Math, Mathia
  • Engineering: Engineering your World
  • Science: Spark 101, FOSS

Integrate across STEM disciplines in your classroom.

  • Challenges and opportunities of STEM integration – mine and Mitch’s research
  • Project-based instruction

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  1. Mollie Verstl says:

    I am highly interested in the tool kit as I teach Algebra 2 in Stockton, California. I often get the question, when am I going to use this…I would love to have more STEM resources.


    • Thank you for reaching out to us, a team member will be connecting with you shortly. – we also have a video training series on the topic opening very soon and will be sure to let you know when that comes live.

  2. nmitchell says:

    Would love to have this tool kit and more STEM resources

    • We have links up and open now! Our training series launches to the public in March – that takes the content from these guidebooks deeper. Also, our prior lesson plans are now live for you to access. Let us know if you have any special interests or content requests. Our next issue will tie statistics and analytics careers with exercises surrounding March Madness.

  3. Chantal Cagle says:

    Interested in finding out more!

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