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5 Ways to Be an Education Advocate

Be the catalyst for meaningful change in your district, community, state, and even country by becoming an education advocate.

Teachers have an extraordinary amount of work to complete on a daily basis. Walking into school each day, teachers don’t always know what to expect as atudents often need their teachers to fulfill different roles beyond teaching. There are times when teachers might have to be a confidante, EMT, librarian, guidance counselor–the list never ends. This means that making time for improving the education system as a whole is often nonexistent, but that doesn’t mean they can count on someone else to do it. Becoming an education advocate is an important role for teachers, as only they truly understand the problems that must be solved.

Use the following methods to become an education advocate and improve the system from the inside out.

1. Make Schools Safer

education advocateOrganize a school safety advisory panel comprising educators, administrators, mental-health professionals, local government officials, and law enforcement. Meet to discuss ways to promote harmony and problem-solving skills within the school. Hold frequent sessions with students to ask them how they would feel safer and consider their input in decision making.

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