Teachers can make students’ obsession with social media work as a tool in the classroom.

Most teachers spend a lot of time prohibiting students from using social media in class by implementing policies that ban devices. There are methods that allow teachers to utilize social media as a teaching tool in the classroom, however. Begin using social media to support lesson plans and engage students in your classroom.

social media1. Start Trending Lessons

When introducing new subject matter, allow students to explore social media for relevant posts regarding the topic. Through exploring different outlets for fresh information regarding lesson topics, students can study independently, process material, develop questions, and engage in discussions with teachers and fellow pupils in the classroom. At the end of a lesson – and with parental consent – help students produce a class video in which they explain the concept that was recently mastered. Be sure to promote the video using appropriate hashtags. One day, students might find their video trending across social media channels.

2. Observe #InternationalHashtagHolidays

Everyone has a favorite international day that celebrates fun subjects, such as pets, pizza, or tacos. For teachers, the days that celebrate education are extremely useful to teach students. On these days, allow students to explore social media and search for information relevant to the particular day. Have students report on their findings regarding the history of the day, current issues surrounding its meaning, and its implications for the future. Whether studying #InternationalDayForThePreservationOfTheOzoneLayer on September 16, #WorldStatisticsDay on October 20, #InternationalCivilAviationDay on December 7, or the many other days that offer opportunities, be sure students remember #WorldTeachersDay, which falls on October 5!

social media3. Follow the Trendsetters

Social media offers access to celebrities, not only in Hollywood but also education. Today’s leaders recognize the importance of social media to convey their message to the world. When the time arrives for students to complete a research project and study famous contemporary education influencers, direct pupils toward social media pages. From Malala Yousafzai to Mayim Bialik, today’s education leaders are bright, driven, and appeal to students with their star power. Inspire students to learn and become great adults by following the social media pages of celebrities who put education first.

Social media can be an excellent educational tool, but any use by students in the classroom should be cleared with parents first. As STEM Jobs has previously mentioned, social media can also serve as a useful means of communication with parents. Make parental consent easy by posting updates and forms to class social media pages. STEM Jobs wants to know how you’re using social media as a learning tool and STEM education resource, so remember to tag us on Twitter and Facebook!

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