Summer is quickly approaching us. The weather is getting warmer and smoothies and ice cream replace hot coffee and late nights studying for exams. Learning doesn’t stop outside of the classroom. Even in the summer, there is always something new to learn- whether professionally or personally.

As your students continue on with furthering their education in STEM, here are some things that would be great to do before the heat of summer starts knocking at your door.

1) Encourage students to help with a STEM summer camp or volunteer. One of the best things to do this summer is help at a summer camp or volunteer for a cause with meaning. Students will stay busy and will hopefully have fun while working.

2) Tell students to add new experience to their resume and keep it updated. Through out the semester, students probably have done work that can be added to their resume. Whether internships, working in a lab, or extracurricular activities. It is best for students to update their resume now while their experience is stll fresh in their minds.

3) Do something that is fun and related to summer with a STEM activity. Since it’s the end of heavy workloads and tests for a while, do something fun in the classroom that incorporates STEM activities and the summer.

4) Encourage unity and comradery among students. Many of your students are likely to share classes in the future, and may even be working together in their first jobs. Whether through groupwork or working in pairs on end of the year assignments, allow the students to get to know each other as a form of early networking amongst their peers.

5) Organize and declutter. Whether it is your classroom, your students organizing their dorm rooms or the workplace, decluttering  allows you to declutter your mind. And, not to mention, a new clean wrok space once summer is over.

6) Try something new and exciting. Better yet, make sure it is something science related and fun, so it will blow your students minds. Give them something to think about as they prepare for the summer months.

7) Suggest some good books. Reading a good book never gets old. And the computer can only entertain us for but so long before we start to get drained. Entertain your students with suggestions of good books for summer reading.

8) Have an end of semester get- together or bbq, if allowed. The weather is finally beautiful. Spend some time with your students where they don’t have to stress about the latest exams that just passed. Also, alot of these friendships in the classroom will probably last even once the semester is over.

9) Encourage your students to do some fun STEM activities outside of the classroom during the summer. Even while vacationing, tell your students to consider thinking about STEM. Is your student going on a cruise for vacation? Maybe he or she will want to learn how some of the world’s largest boats are able to stay afloat? Heading to Six Flags? Perhaps your student will think about the science behind some of the world’s fastest roller coaster rides.

10) Tell your students to constantly be STEM-ulated by their surroundings this summer. The break is a time to relax and have fun, but not to forget everything you’ve learned from your previous semester. Remind them to either writer down or keep a mental goal of their future endeavors and plans, so that when autumn rolls around, they will be ready to get back to work!