There are some fantastic free resources for homeschooling networks available online – if you know where to look.

Well, you can start right here at for lots of ideas for student activities. Want to liven up your math lesson? Check out Pi Day activities or practice a little Morse Code. Science will become your child’s favorite subject if you incorporate Earth Day or Spring Equinox activities. Still need some definite plan to follow? Just go to our free lesson plans and explore the Science of Working Out, Sustainable Living, or Making Your Own Sports Broadcast with your kids.

The Internet offers many free resources for homeschooling networks. Check out the sampling below and you will find lots of other STEM activities and lesson plans.


resources for homeschooling offers games and activities for the study of earthquakes, a homeschooling resource lesson plan on how to make a windsock, and a PBS plate tectonics activity. gives homeschoolers a free guide with 30 science activities if you provide your email address. offers a Design a Planet activity and invites you along on a tour of a forensic biology lab, just to name a few great ideas from this great homeschooling resource.


resources for homeschooling networks

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Before you leave that site, visit the technology activities page to teach your homeschoolers how to design their own cell phone, create codes to build a video game, or use java coding to create a robot!

At your student will be able to teach you about technology with the lesson plan provided and use Google Earth to take a virtual world tour.’s lesson plans provide a resource for homeschoolers that allows you to take them on virtual field trips and explore how the Navy and other industries use robots.


resources for homeschooling networksCenter your lesson around a video presentation on Designing an Ipad at when you register at no charge. You’ll get lots of other lesson plan ideas and video activities. has great lesson plans centering on subjects your kids won’t even realize are teaching them engineering concepts, like The Phone Charge Conundrum, Fun With Speedboats, and Making Sense of Sensors.

The National Science Foundation at can be a great homeschooling resource because this site lists many other resources from the National Science Digital Library including Engineer Your Life, aimed at high school girls.

Advanced students who have learned about Pascal’s law, Archimedes’ principle, and Bernoulli’s principle learn to design stable above-ground storage tanks in a activity.


resources for homeschooling networksAdvanced math lesson plans are available as a homeschooling resource at, including Numbers in Nature and Concepts in Business Mathematics. has an extensive library of over a thousand lesson plans and resource materials which can be searched by math topic and grade level.

Go to to find high school lesson plans which use unique ideas for math lessons such as using a satellite picture of your hometown in the Math on a Map lesson or learning percentages by calculating the income tax withheld from a teenager’s part-time job wages.

Homeschooling is a commitment to your children and their education. Don’t hesitate to get come help from the wide variety of supplemental homeschooling resources available to you at and the many other websites available to you. Your kids will marvel at just how smart you are!

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