4. Transforming STEM Higher Education

STEM teacher conferencesNovember 8-10, 2018

Atlanta, GA

The struggle to get kids excited about STEM doesn’t only exist in high school and middle school. College-aged students also need an extra push sometimes–especially those for whom STEM has never been a strong area. Through a joint effort, the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU) and its STEM-focused initiative, Project Kaleidoscope, host the 2018 Transforming STEM Higher Education conference.


STEM teacher conferencesAs part of the organization’s Network for Academic Renewal conference series, this event focuses on Transforming STEM Higher Education: Confirming the Authority of Evidence, which is aimed having teachers practice self-reflection, disciplinary introspection, and expand social consciousness. By equipping teachers with tools to cultivate their own personal growth at STEM teacher conferences, the AACU hopes to bring quality STEM education to more students in the classroom.