During college application time, many students feel stressed about choosing the right school, pursuing the right major, and paying for their education without taking on heavy debt. STEM scholarships can help your students eliminate one of these worries.

Many STEM-inclined students place a lot of unnecessary stress on themselves once college application time rolls around. Everyone wants to be accepted into the schools that offer the most coveted STEM programs and many students rely on scholarships awarded by schools, communities, social organizations, nonprofits, and private companies. This race to the top school is stressful enough and students must ask themselves a very important question – who is paying for this anyway? Trust funds are nice, but unrealistic for the average student, considering Princeton University’s 2016-17 tuition is listed as $63,420 and MIT’s 2015-16 costs total $63,250, which includes room and board. To stand out in the STEM crowd when applying for scholarships, students must include certain information and follow specific steps. Share these suggestions with your students to help them stand apart from the competition and secure STEM scholarships.