What Is Relativity?

math books for high schoolTackling Einstein’s theory of relativity is not exactly easy, but Jeffrey Bennett has written this book in such a way that students can understand the basics of Einstein’s ideas. With lots of illustrations and an easy reading approach, Bennett explains how relativity works. He also relates its importance to science, giving shape to our understanding of the universe, and even to everyday life — how the theory applies to GPS.

These math books for high school students, and the others selected for the Mathical Book Prize, are hoped to inspire a love of math in students. Roger Strauch, MSRI board chair, explains: “We are trying to engage kids in the power and beauty of mathematics — power in that we want to give them confidence to consider and solve arithmetic, spatial, logical, structural, algebraic problems; beauty in that math can be employed to better understand and appreciate the wonders of nature and also human artistic expression.”

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