There are tons of free STEM lesson plans out there, but it’s hard to know which ones are effective. We’ve found some of the best sources.

The internet is filled with sites and social media pages claiming to offer free STEM lesson plans, but they are not always reliable. Teachers can’t be certain that these seemingly well-meaning educators have the experience or education to produce quality teaching tools. Unless found through a dependable agency, company, or school, free STEM lesson plans aren’t always credible. Listed below, discover five of the best places to find free STEM lesson plans.

1. Environmental Protection Agency

free STEM lesson plansThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides free STEM lesson plans for teachers to use when educating children regarding the science behind environmental issues. Covering topics such as air, climate change, ecosystems, energy, health, waste, and water, the site includes input for the EPA and other organizations, such as the Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education (CIESE), AirNow, and American Institute of Biological Sciences. Information is also available in Spanish regarding topics such as recycling, sun protection, community service, and asthma and air quality issues.