It’s August, which has every teacher asking: What are some great first day of school activities that will kick start a year of learning for my students?

It may be tempting to assign a summer experience essay or review the syllabus for 40 minutes, but there are a number of ideas that are both fun and educational while helping students get to know themselves, each other, and their teachers. Get some inspiration for your own first day of school activities below.

1. STEM Type Quiz

first day of school activitiesA great way to get to know new students and what skills they enjoy using is to have them take the STEM Type Quiz as a first day of school activity. Students will find out whether they are an advisor, designer, explorer, integrator, investigator, maker, producer, or solver — as well as what jobs they might really enjoy doing based on their STEM Type.

It only takes 10 minutes to complete, and it’s a great way for the students to connect what’s going to happen in your classroom to the real world.

Hang these free STEM Type posters in your classroom to get students excited about taking the quiz, then distribute these free STEM Type stickers to let students show off their STEM Type in style.