5. Explore the Career Possibilities

hydroponics activitiesThough hydroponic farming has existed for thousands of years, the agricultural industry in the United States has long relied on terrestrial methods; therefore, students might not be familiar with the different jobs available in this field. As part of their study of hydroponics activities, students should research the different types of careers in this field and choose one that most interests them. They should be able to develop a presentation that includes the different areas of STEM involved in the field, college or trade-school courses necessary to enter the career, and the responsibilities entailed in the job.

Teachers who include these lessons in class are at an advantage, as hydroponics activities are perfect for an indoor climate. Remember, any use of sharp tools should be performed by teachers of younger students to avoid serious injuries to smaller hands. To support lessons in this subject, include information that covers ecology and gardening, which will allow students to feel fully prepared to participate in hydroponics activities.

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