teachers should have business cards

5 Reasons Teachers Should Have Business Cards

Teaching is very different than working for a large corporation, yet there are many reasons teachers should have business cards—just like professionals in other fields.

You or someone you know has likely been in this scenario: After attending a conference or networking event for educators, you meet many fellow professionals in your field you would like to continue conversations with. However, the piece of paper they jot their email on gets misplaced or you feel awkward taking out your phone to get their number. This experience is exactly why teachers should have business cards.

Although schools don’t provide teachers with these handy items, they’re an inexpensive item that can help educators communicate with each other and build relationships. Not convinced? Check out a few reasons teachers should have business cards to understand why they’re worth a $10 investment.

1. Teachers Are Professionals—So Act Like It!

While some ignorant people may think of teachers as glorified babysitters, they are obviously so much more. Educators in West Virginia and Oklahoma recently proved that, when they went on strike to protest low pay and poor health care coverage. It worked, and teachers were given about a $6,000 raise along with other benefits in Oklahoma.

Teachers can help hold themselves to a professional standard by following standards practiced in corporations by ensuring they have a professional wardrobe, creating a professional growth plan, and having business cards.

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