Spring is here (at least according to the calendar), which means there are opportunities for authentic learning experiences with spring STEM activities.

March 20 marked the spring equinox, or the official start of spring, when the day and night are equal lengths. Even though it doesn’t feel like warmer weather is on its way in some parts of the country, you can help welcome the new season in your classroom with these spring STEM activities.

1. Phototropism

spring STEM activitiesThe white and grey of winter being replaced with green plants and flowers is perhaps the top thing associated with the months of April and May, so have your students explore why plants grow toward or away from the sun.

We know plants need light to thrive, but does the color of the light matter? Find out by experimenting with plants only exposed to red, blue, and green light and comparing them to each other. Do this by following this procedure outlined by Education.com, which involves planting bean seeds and placing them in a box with a hole that is covered by colored cellophane. The results may surprise you!