5. Water Filtration Challenge

STEM water activitiesWe all know the importance of water — we couldn’t sustain life without it! But the first step of treating water to make it able to drink is filtration, and students will compete to make the most effective filtration system for clarifying dirty water in this activity.

Give each group the same plastic bottles and a number of filtering items such as sand, rocks, cotton balls, clothing, paper towels, coffee filters, and whatever other materials students want to try. Provide them with dirty water you’ve created by adding cooking oil, food coloring, pieces of paper, dirt, and tiny bits of Styrofoam. Their goal is to make the dirty water much more clean and determine what filtering item does the best job. They’ll also begin to understand the importance of preventing water pollution once they see how difficult it is to make polluted water drinkable again.

Students will immediately be ready to dive into the new school year with these fun yet thought-provoking STEM water activities. From buoyancy to filtration, there’s a wide range of topics that can be covered while making the most of the warm weather. Who knows—one of these STEM water activities could spark students’ interest in a career in hydrology!

Cora Barczak via Prezi
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