Already botched your resolution for the new year? Take a pledge to declutter in some powerful, non-traditional ways.

No matter how much you clean up before summer break each year, your closets are likely still overflowing and your phone is full of pictures you meant to delete. Here are a few tips to truly declutter and get organized for maximum productivity in 2018.

1. Click Unsubscribe

declutterJunk email plagues everyone’s inbox, but teachers especially fall victim. Whether you’re trying to access a website or order supplies for your classroom, you’re forced to enter an email address. Three years later, you’re still hitting “delete” every time a new email pops up and wishing they’d leave you alone.

Instead of ignoring or deleting these emails, clean up your inbox by unsubscribing from unnecessary newsletters and mass marketing emails. (However, make sure you’re signed up for useful ones, like the STEM Jobs Educator Newsletter to stay up to date on the latest education trends and topics!)

You can also set up email filters so coupons and deals for your favorite stores are directly stored in folders instead of flooding your inbox. When you’re ready for a post-school day shopping trip, just check the folder for offers!