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5 Ways School Libraries Have Changed for 21st Century Learners

Technology has been a game changer for education in recent years, and nowhere is that more apparent than in school libraries.

Libraries are still important centers of learning, but no longer are they just a big room full of bookshelves and tables. That’s because encyclopedias and books are quickly being replaced by more convenient alternatives — instead of carrying home five heavy books, students can access all that information on an iPad or computer! Check out some of the ways school libraries have adapted to the 21st century and re-imagined themselves to stay relevant in this technological world.

1. Goodbye, Dewey Decimal System

school librariesAsk any parent or grandparent: the school library was pretty hard to navigate until you learned how to use the Dewey Decimal System. That way of tracking down a particular book on the shelves is outdated for a few reasons: rather than flipping through a confusing and intimidating series of cards, it’s much easier to run a search in a computer. In addition, many readers would rather browse the shelves for a cover or topic that interests them rather than find one particular book by title or author.

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