Astronomy Day reminds us to take a break from things in our everyday lives, gaze skyward in wonder, and remember what a tiny part of the universe we are.

The day dedicated to all things above (and all around!) falls on October 13, which happens to be a Saturday this year. However, there are plenty of activities perfect for the classroom to lead up to this science-friendly holiday. Discover a few ways to celebrate Astronomy Day below.

1. Navigate by the Stars

Astronomy DayAnyone who has seen Moana has heard of ancient sailors finding their way home by using nothing but the night sky. However, did you know that really happened and that modern astronomers are currently cruising around the world using their techniques?

For Astronomy Day, have your students research the Hikianalia, a boat that the Polynesian Voyaging Society is currently using the spread the word of this ancient art. If a field trip is possible, head to a local planetarium to get an idea of what constellations and stars these navigators use as guides to find their way home.