Astronomy Day

5 Ways to Celebrate Astronomy Day

5. Everyday Astronomy

Astronomy DayCelebrating Astronomy Day wouldn’t be complete without realizing that celestial terms are used all around us. Increase students’ familiarity with space terms by having them recognize five terms being used in marketing. For example, many car models are named after astronomy terms (the Ford Taurus, Mercury Comet, and Dodge Aries, to name a few) as well as┬áMilky Way candy bars and┬áPulsar watches. Have students share other examples they’ve seen in pop culture (Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy or Luna and Sirius of Harry Potter fame, for example). Define these terms and discuss why companies, authors, and others turn to the sky when naming products and characters.

Whether you focus on the sun, moon, stars, planets, or any other element of the sky, Astronomy Day is a fun way to introduce students to this fascinating subject. Believe us, they’ll be begging for more – so look into booking a class trip to a planetarium or museum before the year is over!


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