It feels like it just began, but summer is already coming to a close. With the new school year fast approaching, it’s time to start preparing.

There are plenty of ways to get ready to make the new school year your best yet—before you have your list of students or step foot back into your classroom. After mentally setting goals for yourself and your pupils, check out these ideas to make them happen—even if you do your planning from your phone while you relax on the beach.

1. Start Researching New Types of Assessments

new school yearEssays, presentations, and quizzes: Not only are they boring, but students cringe just at the thought of doing them again.

For this new school year, incorporate formative assessments that can help students enhance their performance while letting you know if they need extra help. This can be done both informally and formally in the form of homework, labs, class work, exit slips, and more. Students should be given time for self and peer assessment in order to reflect on their own learning.