Resiliency was once a seemingly innate human trait, but this characteristic is becoming lost in modern culture.

In 2016, it seems the traditional value of people lifting themselves up by their bootstraps has been lost. There are still some children who either exhibit resilient traits, or have gained a bit of grit by adulthood, but educators should help students build resiliency before their ability to weather the storm is lost.

1. Story-time Strength

resiliencyWhen developing lesson plans, incorporate tales of real people who have both overcome great obstacles to succeed and successful adults who failed before they achieved their goals. By learning about these leaders, students will be more inclined to accept hardship as part of their own stories. Assign a project that requires students to research their own STEM superstars who were once considered failures or faced seemingly insurmountable challenges. Students should then share their findings during class to teach each other about these stories of how resiliency results in success.