1) Reduce the STEM recruitment gap for women and minorities.  74% of all STEM jobs are held by non-hispanic whites and are predominantly male.  Students divert away from STEM subjects at the transition point between high school and college.  Our readership and distribution is highly diversified and appealing to non-traditional STEM-talented students.

2) Connect STEM programs to job growth and job demand.  Some of the biggest career opportunities lie in STEM fields, but students are unaware of how STEM academic disciplines connect to these careers. Our media is job and education focused with each issue and article focused on describing and illustrating the connections between academics and workforce.

3) Create brand awareness as early as 10th grade and among students in two year post-secondary schools. Survey results and research point to 10th grade as the optimal time to influence college decision-making among undecided students.  Our media gets your opportunities and programs directly into the hands of these students at the right place and time.

4) Reach top students in highly diverse schools.  Our readership and reach are diverse.  We influence the influencers in the classroom and drive conversation in the lunchroom through engaging, relevant content.  We interact with students to develop, shape and influence our content from a broad spectrum of school, community types and locations.

5) Tap into the rising student self-identification with STEM.  The concept and categorization of subjects under the banner of STEM has helped make Science, Technology, Engineering and Math disciplines more accessible, understandable and attractive.  As funding increases, students too are getting the message and beginning to self-identify as STEM talent.

6) Improve recruitment into all STEM degree programs.  The majority of high school students have little to no exposure to the possibilities and options that exist in STEM education. Our media is designed as a tool for guidance counselors and teachers, while being written by and for students.