Affording the basic necessities for a classroom can be difficult, so try these fundraising ideas to support things like field trips, supplemental resources, and family events.

Many teachers and schools would like to give more students opportunities like science fairs, STEM nights, or trips to local museums, but lack the funding to do so. We believe that when there’s a will, there’s a way, so check out these seven fundraising ideas that go beyond creating a GoFundMe page without requiring a ton of time or effort.

1. Host a Talent Show

Students love to show off their abilities, whether their talent is singing, dancing, performing magic, or doing a science experiment for their audience. To collect some funds for a cause in your classroom, charge a small price to parents and staff for admission to a talent show where the kids put on original acts. Students with stage fright can participate as stage managers, producers, concession vendors, ticket takers, and more to contribute in meaningful ways.

Just be sure to screen acts and check lyrics for anything inappropriate for a school event.

2. Hold a Proceeds Night at a Local Restaurant

fundraising ideasWhen it comes to fundraising ideas, this one literally takes the cake.

Many restaurants offer anywhere between 10-20% of total sales to an organization on a specific date. All you have to do is encourage families to eat or get take-out from the spot, and you get a portion of the proceeds. It’s a win-win: your project gets some cash and the eatery gets some extra customers.

3. Design Custom Shirts

Sell screenprinted t-shirts of your students’ own design. They can be customized with the school’s name or a funny saying — perhaps a fun STEM pun? is a free design site where students can upload and manipulate their own images, add text, or choose from a ton of free images and elements like lines and shapes. It’s a great place to start if you’re new to design!

fundraising ideas4. Explode at the Science Fair

Recoup money that goes into your STEM projects by showing off creations to your students’ parents and the community. Visitors can be asked for a nominal admission fee or item donation. For an extra boost, have snacks and refreshments on sale throughout the fair.

5. Collect Coins with a Penny War

This fundraising idea adds a bit of competition to the mix. Provide each classroom — or grade level — with a jar. The class with the most pennies gathered in their bin by a certain date wins, but there’s a twist — students can sabotage one another by putting silver coins or dollars into other buckets, the value of which is deducted from the number of pennies.

Since the money will go towards the cause, reward the winner with a small prize or pizza party from the proceeds.

6. Sweat at Workout Night

fundraising ideasHave a friend or student’s parent who can host an exercise class? Then you’re halfway to a fundraising night of yoga, Zumba, or any other workout!

Find a spot capable of holding a number of people (the school gym, perhaps?) and host a workout night, where each participant pays $10 (or whatever amount you deem appropriate). Their donation will help your cause while they enjoy a fun fitness session.

7. Hold a Rummage Sale

Ask students, parents, professors, faculty, and staff to donate gently used items for a giant yard sale at the school. Alternatively, host the flea market but have participants pay for a table. They’ll make some cash and get rid of their clutter while the school makes money.

Need more fundraising ideas? Teacher fundraising initiatives such as Adopt-A-Classroom and ClassWish are also great ways to receive donations for items needed at school. Launching a STEM program can also be done with other tactics, such as crowdfunding and alumni connections. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

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