While students are celebrating the start of a lazy and fun-filled summer break, most educators don’t have that luxury. In fact, many are looking for summer jobs for teachers.

Given that educators often face a low salary, few resources, and usually find themselves spending personal money on supplies, it’s not uncommon for them to take a full-time or part-time gig over the break from school. While it seems incredibly unfair that teachers might have to take on a second job, there are some great ones to consider — and these summer jobs for teachers have a few perks that go along with them.

1. Camp Counselor

As long as you’re not looking for a break from kids, being a camp counselor is one of the most natural summer jobs for teachers. With so many options, you can explore some of your own interests — whether that be a sports-based program or a STEM summer camp — and have fun with campers while taking advantage of the warm weather.

Many teachers opt to become a camp counselor in the summer because of its convenience — once the job ends, it’s time to return to work! There’s also a lot of flexibility: while some camps run all season long, others last only a week or two. Explore your options by searching online and talking to colleagues.

2. Tutor

summer jobs for teachersStay sharp over the summer by keeping a toe in learning — and helping struggling students catch up before class is back in session.

Tutoring is one of the great summer jobs for teachers because you’re using all of the skills and knowledge you already use in the classroom. The best part is that you can make your own hours — either get it out of the way in the morning or enjoy the day and do a few lessons at night. It’s also rewarding to assist pupils one-on-one and watch them grow.

3. Babysitting

You’re already great with kids, so why not make money using that skill?

Whether you decide to take an everyday gig (lots of parents still work in the summer while their kids are off!) or just work a few hours each week, becoming a babysitter or nanny is a great way for teachers to supplement their income all year round. Find new clients by talking to friends or signing up for a service like Care.com.

4. Pet Sitter or Dog Walker

summer jobs for teachersNeed a break from children? We understand — and that’s why hanging out with animals in the summer may be a fun way to make some extra money for teachers. With so many people taking vacations in the summer, they’ll need someone to care for their pet while they’re away. Likewise, those who work in the summer need help taking their dogs for walks throughout the day.

Spread the word that you’re available through social media or sign up as a dog walker for an app like Rover.

5. Create an Online Store

If you want to show off your crafty side, creating an online shop where people can buy your work is a great summer job for teachers. Sites like Etsy allow sellers to promote everything from art and photography to clothing and crafts.

summer jobs for teachers6. Become a Driver

Uber, Lyft, and similar rideshare apps allow people to get a ride, whether to an airport, home from a night out, or just to work if they’re running late and don’t want to deal with public transportation. Drivers get to choose their own hours, so it’s great if teachers are looking for a flexible side job over the summer to make some extra money. All you need is a car!

7. Retail

Have a store where you constantly shop for school supplies? Since you already know the store inside and out, you may be a great worker there — and this gig comes with an employee discount that will also benefit your wallet when you need resources for your classroom.

Having summers off sounds wonderful, but teachers know that it’s often unrealistic to go three months without an income. Use your break to regroup from the school year, prepare for the start of the next one, and find a gig that you truly enjoy to make some cash on the side.