Usually social media is thought of as an outlet for students, but there are plenty of teacher Twitter accounts that offer brilliant ideas and insights for the classroom.

Being a teacher on social media is tricky business, but let’s not forget that the internet is a useful tool if you know where to look. We’ve rounded up some of the most engaging and innovative teacher Twitter accounts that you might not know about specifically for educators. Time to follow and tweet your way to a better classroom!

1. @edutopia

teacher Twitter accounts

Photo via Twitter

Their nearly 950,000 followers know that @edutopia, a super active account, is the one-stop shop for all the latest news and happenings in the wonderful world of education. They explore everything from whether students should be listening to music while they study to strategies on getting students to check their work, all leading to a brighter and happier classroom.

The account also shares uplifting and inspirational stories about teachers — maybe you could be featured someday!