A Real Gem in STEM Jobs

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How are glamorous companies that provide lavish and chic jewelry designs connected to STEM jobs?

STEM jobs play an integral role in gemology, a concentration within the mineralogy branch of geology. Through discovering the highest-quality stones for the world’s most illustrious houses of haute joaillerie, students can pursue a STEM jobs career by becoming the smartest STEM kid in the chic class.

Whether a child is interested in gemology due to the brilliance of stones, or uncovering the science that created a gem, students can cultivate their passion through enrolling in geology classes and pursuing an education through the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). As the authority on gem quality and the founding body of the internationally recognized GIA International Diamond Grading System, this nonprofit’s mission is to maintain an established, comprehensive system for evaluating gem quality. Inspire students to pursue a STEM jobs career in gemology by sharing the following steps toward a life in gems.

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