For those of you that like a challenge … first take the quiz below and then share it with a few peers and students to see how you fare because the differences between what is Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics are not always easy to figure out.


Relationships between Science and Technology

Science and technology, like science and engineering, are interrelated but distinct disciplines.  Science contributes to technology in several ways:

  1. New knowledge from scientific discovery fuels the development of new technology
  2. The practice of scientific research is a source for the development of new skills and eventually automation through technology
  3. Science provides a knowledge base essential for technological application

Technology in turn advances science in several ways:

  1. Technological development from scientific discovery provides the justification for funding ongoing scientific activity
  2. Technology is a source of otherwise unavailable capabilities and techniques essential to scientific progress.

Science and technology are often interconnect through a pipeline process similar to that of engineering (though engineering is often the intermediate step to acquiring technology).

Relationships between Technology and Engineering

To date, the clearest integration between STEM disciplines lies in the emerging ties between technology and engineering instruction.  To a great extent, this is due to the emergence of engineering concepts in secondary education as a recent phenomena.  In seeking a natural place for engineering principles, they have been most widely adopted as an extension of the traditional technology program.  Technology programs in turn have adopted the study of design principles as a core component of technology education.

In addition, the National Science Foundation launched and funded the National Center for Engineering and Technology Education, effectively fusing the two together through numerous curriculum and research development grants.

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